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Multistick honing,
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Honing stones and
cutting layers
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Diamond and CBN
honing sticks
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Carbide tipped single-
lip and muti-lip deep hole drills for solid drilling, counterboring and step drilling
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Permat Machines Limited
Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham
England B46 1JG
Tel: +44 01675 463351   Fax: 01675 465816
Telex: 336040

Nagel Maschinen-und
Werkzeugfabric GmbH
P.O. Box 1709 D-7440 Nurtingen
Tel: 07022 605-0   Telex: 7267337



Permat provides a range of services including:


As well as supplying new tools, we also regularly carry out refurbishment of tooling for existing and new customers.


We supply diamonds and stones for tools, in all ranges and for all applications. These include honing stones and cutting layers for stick-type and large-area honing tools as well as superfinishing stones in various degrees of hardness and grain finness. As well as diamond and CBN honing sticks, we also supply honing tools with large-area diamond cutting layers.


Most honing machines have PCs as part of their control systems, and these are now able to be remotely accessed in our own premises through our 'Tele-service'. This means our engineers can access what is happening on your honing machine via links to the machine's PC. What the Permat customer service engineer sees is exactly the same information you are seeing on your PC. Any advice or help required is therefore instantly available, both to aid your efficiency and, where necessary, to identify any faults or problems. Permat also operates a call-out service or a traditional telephone help line service, where required.