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Leak Testing



Leak testing Machine.
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This leak testing
makes possible a combined testing of
water jacket and oil galleries on engine blocks with Nagel leak testing unit. Click to enlarge


Permat Machines Limited
Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham
England B46 1JG
Tel: +44 01675 463351   Fax: 01675 465816
Telex: 336040

Nagel Maschinen-und
Werkzeugfabric GmbH
P.O. Box 1709 D-7440 Nurtingen
Tel: 07022 605-0   Telex: 7267337


Leak Testing

Leak Testing Machines are built under licence by Permat at our Birmingham factory.

The LR 80 Leak Testing Machine (illustrated opposite) provides combined testing of the water jacket and oil galleries on engine blocks.

If the current leakage rate is exceeded the density of the oil galleries and the water jacket are indicated separately. The unit will also show the leakage rate from the water jacket to the oil galleries.

If the test shows excessive leakage, the component is placed under water and turned so that the leak can be localised.