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Part of the Nagel Group, with 1000 employees worldwide, Permat is a specialist supplier of machinery to the automotive industry, primarily in the UK.

The Product Range:
Some 99% of the company's business is with the automotive industry, primarily in the UK but also further afield with exports over the past 15 years having gone to Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Taiwan, Sweden, Austria and Mexico.

However, European and other worldwide customers are normally supplied through our parent company, Nagel Masachinen-und Werkeugfabrik GmbH in Germany. You are able to contact them direct (see our Contact Us page) or through us.

Founded as Perfection Machines in the early 1960s, we changed our name to Permat in 1976.

We joined the Nagel group in 1970 and since then have specialised in the automotive business, benefiting our own customer base with Nagel's expertise and long-standing association with automotive manufacturers of all levels and Tiers.

Permat employs 31 at modern premises in Birmingham, in the heart of the West Midlands automotive hub in the UK.


Our continuing
success is based on:

The products listed on
this website are available through Permat in the UK, and we also offer a comprehensive after
sales service and our experienced engineers
are available to help our customers at any time.



Permat Machines Limited
Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham
England B46 1JG
Tel: +44 01675 463351   Fax: 01675 465816
Telex: 336040

Nagel Maschinen-und
Werkzeugfabric GmbH
P.O. Box 1709 D-7440 Nurtingen
Tel: 07022 605-0   Telex: 7267337